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Tap into the natural power of stories to share insights that connect and inspire action.


“If an insight isn’t understood and isn’t compelling, no one will act on it and no change will occur.” - Forbes, March 2016


Breakthrough strategies start with compelling insights driven by data. Storylytics helps data practitioners at all levels tap into the natural power of stories to sharpen their message, connecting stakeholders with insights.  Through custom and syndicated training programs, Storylytics shares practical, time honoured storytelling techniques to create analytic narratives that inspire change in a business. Data dumps are eliminated, audiences are engaged, and the gap between analytics and action is closed.


In a world where data is taking centre stage, storytelling is arguably becoming the greatest skill a data practitioner has in leading an eager audience to what’s truly relevant for their business. Let Storylytics help explore what that could mean for you.

Laura Warren has always had an inclination to turn data into stories. During her 20+ years in analytic leadership roles with Canada’s largest syndicated research and loyalty firms, she was fortunate to be immersed in broad sweeping ranges of data, which honed her skill in clarifying complex issues through data, graphics, and narrative. Her passion led one client to cheerfully refer to her as “the data whisperer.”

That light-hearted comment and natural inclination to teach led to a parallel career path in training and coaching. Having witnessed first-hand the market-wide explosion of data and changing consumer relationship with brands, Laura recognized the growing tension between accessible data and the ability to draw out the stories and insights that matter.

Founding Storylytics in 2014, Laura provides specialized training, coaching, and consulting in data-based storytelling. She has helped the data speak for many big brands such as P&G, Nestlé, General Mills, Staples, Sobeys and the LCBO. Her mission is to close the storytelling gap between analytics and action and is happiest when clients’ start brainstorming “what’s next” as the story unfolds.


Laura Warren

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