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An Introduction to Data Based Storytelling:
1 Hour Storylytics Session

Analytic storytelling is a hot topic. But does everyone agree on what it is? This short session will open eyes to what data-based storytelling means, and what one will get out of it. This workshop is designed to provide participants with practical information they can use to make an immediate difference in their stories.

Storytelling Fundamentals:
Half Day Storylytics Workshop

You have a group of new associates you want to set up for success. You’re easing your organization into storytelling and want to get everyone on the same page. They need to start their journey to be accomplished interpreters who can bring data to life.

This half-day session for groups of up to 12 teaches the fundamentals of data-based storytelling. Participants will discover how a storytelling framework applies to data analyses, but also to short, fact-driven emails and other forms of communication. Learning is through experiential small group discussions, examples, case studies, and participant reflection on previous work product.

Drawing from the same storytelling approach used by novelists, screenwriters, and playwrights, by the end of the session participants will be able to:

  • Identify and apply the framework for successful stories
  • Address the unspoken contract between storyteller and audience
  • Craft a simple, effective narrative using the POET technique – an approach unique to Storylytics program

The role of a data storyteller is to take their listener on a journey to “what’s next.” Get your team on the right path with Storytelling Fundamentals.

A Comprehensive Narrative:
Full Day Storylytics Workshop

You have a team of analysts who are ready to take it up a notch. Or as a leader, you’re personally intrigued. You’ve been hearing more and more how successful companies have harnessed the power of data storytelling. You want you and your teams to tap into the insight-driven knowledge that’s waiting to be found in your own data.

This full day session builds on the fundamentals of storytelling and goes deeper into how to craft an effective narrative using several, or more complex, sources of data. A hands-on workshop, we leverage the experience of participants and use small group discussions, exercises, and case studies designed to practice the principles.

Workshops are limited to 12 participants. A one hour personal coaching session for each participant following the training is included to discuss individual concerns and opportunities.

As with all Storylytics programs, this workshop taps into the same storytelling techniques used by novelists, screenwriters, and playwrights. The full day program places extra emphasis on the unique needs of building an analytic narrative.

  • Apply the Five Beats of Storytelling to their narrative
  • Identify the Controlling Idea for each of their stories
  • Adapt stories based on audience
  • Address the unspoken contract between storyteller and audience
  • Support their narrative with clear, relevant findings
  • Use the POET technique, unique to the Storylytics program, to effectively transition through a story

A strong analytic narrative can make the difference between disruptive innovation and maintaining the status quo. Maximize your return on analytic investments with Storylytics’ Comprehensive Workshop.

“Perhaps the most compelling stories of all are those that combine data and analytics, and a point of view or example that involves real people and organizations.”  - Tom Davenport

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