About Storylytics

Analytic stories that engage, enlighten, and inspire action

Storylytics helps you tap into the natural power of stories to make your analyses engage, enlighten, and inspire action.

Founded by Laura Warren, sessions provide data practitioners at all levels with the guidance and structure to transform any finding, from the basic to the complex, into a compelling, relevant story.  See below to learn more about Laura and the Storylytics program.

Laura Warren
Data Storyteller, Consultant and Coach

Laura Warren has always had an inclination to turn data into stories. During her 20+ years in analytic leadership roles with Canada’s largest syndicated research and loyalty firms, she was fortunate to be immersed in broad sweeping ranges of data, which honed her skill in clarifying complex issues through data, graphics, and narrative. Her passion led one client to cheerfully refer to her as “the data whisperer.”

That light-hearted comment and natural inclination to teach led to a parallel career path in training and coaching. Having witnessed first-hand the market-wide explosion of data and changing consumer relationship with brands, Laura recognized the growing tension between accessible data and the ability to draw out the stories and insights that matter.

Founding Storylytics in 2014, Laura provides specialized training, coaching, and consulting in data-based storytelling. She has helped the data speak for many big brands such as P&G, Nestlé, General Mills, Staples, Sobeys and the LCBO. Her mission is to close the storytelling gap between analytics and strategy and is happiest when clients’ start brainstorming “what’s next” as the story unfolds.

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About Storylytics

In business, how often do you hear a phrase like, “what does our data say?” We’re in a data-centric economy, and we rely on our data to drive decisions. Data guides the story that drives strategies and tactics, and sets the tone for that which follows. Stories create connections and ignite our curiosity more than columns or numbers ever can. They are the most effective way humans have to process information and remember key messages.

For many, “storytelling” means entertainment. We think about the stories we tell children or the emotional hero’s journey we see on the big screen. But for analytic stories, it’s a different journey. Instead, we go back to the historical intent of stories – to educate, to inspire, and to preserve values.

Analytic stories educate, and focus on solving problems. Our stories, like the analyses that drive them, are meant to change the way in which we view our world, and influence the actions we choose to take. To be successful, they must engage, enlighten, and set a path for the future.

Storylytics meets this challenge head-on. Through the use of time honoured storytelling techniques, you have an opportunity to educate, inspire, and change perception. Data dumps are eliminated, audiences are engaged and experience more “ah-ha!” moments.

In a world where data is taking centre stage, storytelling is arguably becoming the greatest skill a data practitioner has in guiding an eager audience to what’s truly relevant for their business. Let’s explore what it could mean for you.

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