Individual Coaching

Master Your Storytelling Style: One on One Storylytics Coaching

You’re on a mission. You want to let your inner storyteller out pronto. Maybe you have an important presentation on the horizon that really needs to hit the mark. Or perhaps you’re a leader who wants to be a storytelling role model for your team.

These focused sessions are tailored to meet your needs.  Building on storytelling fundamentals, we work together to help you meet and exceed your storytelling goals. Whether you’re looking to reinforce what you learned in a workshop, build your confidence for an upcoming presentation, or are simply looking to build your skills on an individualized basis, 1:1 sessions have you covered.  While the focus will be on your analytic narrative and storyline, personalized sessions will also include coaching on visuals as needed.

“No matter how impressive your analysis is, or how high-quality your data are, you’re not going to compel change unless the stakeholders for your work understand what you have done. That may require a visual story or a narrative one, but it does require a story.” - Tom Davenport

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