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The goal of every organization and leading professional is to leverage data in effective ways. And yet, so often, in our data-rich world, the ways in which we convey information to our audiences falls short. If you’re walking this path right now, whether you’re a corporation or an individual who wants to fix this problem, Storylytics is for you.

Ready To Hone Your Data Storytelling Skills?

What We Do

Data storytelling done well connects decision-makers to the data that matters most. Skilled data storytellers can take simple data points and turn them into stories to help organizations make better, faster decisions to remain competitive.

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This group training offering will provide practical frameworks to connect decision makers to the information that matters most. This can be provided at the corporate level, or for a group of like-minded peers.

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1:1 Coaching

These practical, high-impact personal sessions are tailored to your learning needs to help build your confidence and increase your influence through the use of data. You’ll leave with practical skills, experience and frameworks you can apply immediately.

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Keynote Speaking

Building on her expertise as an experienced data storyteller, Laura will create and deliver a custom keynote dedicated to meeting your organization’s specific needs and outcomes.

  • Data stories are 22% more memorable than facts alone (Leapmesh, 2023).
  • 95% of employers say that data science and analytics skills are hard to find in employees (MicroStrategy, 2020).
  • 32% of companies have altered longer-term strategies in response to changes brought about by data and analytics (McKinsey, 2018).
It is rare to find a data scientist with the ability to identify the key business insights from their analyses. It’s even rarer to find a data scientist who can effectively communicate these same insights along with the strategic implications to stakeholders. Laura and her Storylytics team not only have these abilities but can teach your team how to do it, too!
Matt Reesor
Business Communications Lecturer, Smith School of Business at Queen’s University

Are You Ready To See What Storylytics Can Do For You And Your Team?

Who We Are

During a 20-year career in leadership roles within Canada’s largest syndicated research and loyalty firms, Laura became known as the ‘data whisperer’ because of her ability to clarify complex issues through data, graphics and narrative.

After years in the corporate world, Laura realized there was a major gap between the investment in big data and what companies could actually do with it to effect change. With this in mind, Laura developed the Storylytics framework and toolkit to help close that gap, to train professionals to use their data to make meaningful, game changing decisions.

In Conversation

The world of data storytelling is ever-evolving, with changing viewpoints, trends, methods and more. Each month we’ll tackle a new topic with our unique Storylytics perspective.

Current Topic

“Know your audience” is a common phrase when trying to connect in any form, from writing to sales to teaching. It’s foundational to persuasion. But it’s perhaps even more important in data storytelling, as we look for data to influence direction. At Storylytics, we look at three different audience truths to help better land

Who We Work With

Storylytics makes data accessible for all kinds of teams and professionals, from boutique consulting firms to multinational corporations. Want to learn how we can help you? Reach out today.