Data Storytelling – The Final Mile in Analytics

Storytelling training that closes the gap between analytics and action

How often have you seen analytic presentations fail to connect with stakeholders? As a leader, have you sat through one too many data dumps? Or as a presenter, have you ever wanted to bang your head against the wall when your audience doesn’t seem to be getting what’s so obvious to you?


Sound familiar? You’re not alone. As a business community, we value and believe in the potential of data. But we’re learning it takes more than powerful algorithms or striking visuals to connect data in a meaningful way.


It takes stories.


The story is the narrative that pulls all the analysis together. It’s the voice of change that helps us understand implications of analyses and what needs to happen next. And it’s the link you need to truly connect with your audience.


With Storylytics, you'll learn how to merge analyses with natural storytelling techniques to develop compelling stories that will connect with your stakeholders.  Stories that connect are shared, and shared stories are those that inspire action and change.


So let’s talk. The stories are waiting to be told. Storylytics will help you find its voice.

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