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In today’s data-rich world, data storytelling has the potential to drive product development and decision-making. But how do you actually turn numbers into a story? Better yet, how do you create a culture of data storytellers?


With the market-wide explosion of data, there’s a growing tension between accessible data and the ability to draw out insights that matter. Storylytics tackles this challenge head on, providing a framework and a skills-based learning program that transforms analysts into storytellers.

Developed by data storytelling coach, Laura Warren, Storylytics workshops and coaching services teach both management and analytics teams how to distill reams of data, identify what’s relevant, and then prepare and present a story that resonates and rallies organizations.

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Over a 20-year career in leadership roles within Canada’s largest syndicated research and loyalty firms, Laura became known as the ‘data whisperer’ because of her ability to clarify complex issues through data, graphics, and narrative.

With Storylytics, Laura has distilled these skills into a practical framework and engaging program that is helping some of Canada’s largest institutions gain better insight from their data insights. Through our workshops and storytelling toolkit, Storylytics gives your data a framework to inspire.


You’ve likely heard it before – storytelling is a powerful method to connect and engage, and have people remember your message. And it absolutely is.

Unfortunately, when it comes to data, sometimes “storytelling” feels foreign. Far far too often, we analysts are conditioned to only focus on the data collected and the visuals required to present that data, with the mistaken belief the result will speak for itself.


At Storylytics, we believe great data deserves a great story, and that great data stories lead to better, faster decisions and more nimble organizations.

Storylytics focuses on developing audience-centric narratives that draw out what matters most and deliver insights that fuel decisions. Only when that the narrative is clear to decision makers can data stories drive organizational change.

With Storylytics, the connection between data, story, and action becomes clear. Through practical frameworks such as the POET Technique™ and Audience Ts & Qs™, leaders and analysts alike can efficiently and consistently transform data into ideas that align teams and inspire change.

With Storylytics, anyone can be a storyteller

Turn your data into action with Storylytics

Turn your data into
 action with Storylytics