Storytelling 101

Illustration of woman pointing to pie chart with 1/4 pie piece being removeData storytelling is an incredibly important skill across sectors. It has the power to drive meaningful change, to best serve clients and customers in pretty much any market. But the question is—what the heck is it? Here’s a short rundown on what data storytelling is, why you need it and how to get better at it.  

What is data storytelling? 

The short answer is that data storytelling is a persuasive, data-informed approach to communication that resonates with decision makers and inspires them to act. The stories combine relevant insights with supporting visuals to bring focus to decision-makers and help them effect change more quickly and effectively.

Data storytelling is not just a great visual. Data storytelling brings clarity to the data  and how it relates to where a company or organization needs or wants to go. The best visual in the world isn’t going to change anyone’s mind, but a compelling data story with a great supporting visual can be a game changer.

Why do we need data storytelling?

Data storytelling helps you to make better, faster, outcome-based decisions. That’s really want it comes down to—data that lands with and can be understood by decision makers so they can take action.

How do you get better at data storytelling?

There are three things that all prolific data storytellers have in common:

  1. They meet their audiences where they are and bring them to the truth they need to hear.
  2. They are outcome-driven and know what change or action they need to effect.
  3. They can own the story and connect the dots between what the data is, what it means for the audience and what can be done with it.

It’s important to know that a great data storyteller isn’t defined by whether or not their recommendations are executed.

A great data storyteller creates a gateway to a conversation that leads to the decisions that are best for the business. When a storyteller is at their top of their game, they become a trusted advisor in the process.

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