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Welcome to Storylytics Foundations

Whether you are personally interested in shoring up your data storytelling skills or are looking for ways to improve the analytics aptitude of your team, Storylytics will have a suitable program.

Choose the Program That’s Right For You

At Storylytics, we know we need to meet our audiences where they are (of course—if you’ve taken any of our workshops, this will sound familiar). That’s why we have options for teams and individuals, to help you get training that suits your needs and fills the gaps in your experience. Read on for more about each of our programs.

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For Teams

Ideal for company groups of six or more, Storylytics programs meet your team where they’re at today and elevate them to where you need them to be. Storylytics is ready to work with you no matter where you are in your data storytelling journey.

Data Storytelling Assessment

If you’re frustrated that you aren’t getting what you need from your data stories but you can’t figure out the underlying issues, a Storylytics data storytelling assessment can help. Through stakeholder interviews and material review, we’ll shed light on the six stages of audience-centric data stories in order to isolate your team’s strengths and help you to align on development priorities.

Lunch ’n’ Learn Sessions

For organizations looking to educate team members on what data storytelling is and why it matters, these sessions deliver. Your teams will develop a common language around data stories and hear practical tips that will make an immediate difference on the job.

Skills Development Workshops

If making an impact with data is a priority and you’re ready to invest in the skill development of your team, Storylytics skill development workshops are customized to meet your real-world data and organizational objectives. We’ll work with you to assess where your team is in their storytelling development, establish priorities for changed behaviour and tailor a hands-on, relevant, meaningful workshop using your data.

Mentoring and Consulting

Whether you want to support a team member in personalized skill development, are a leader looking to be a data storytelling role model, or have an important presentation coming up that needs to hit the mark, we can help. With coaching sessions customized to meet your needs, you will master your analytic narrative and ace your visual presentation.

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For Individuals

Welcome to Storylytics Open Workshops.

If you’re looking for opportunities to develop your storytelling skills, you’ve come to the right place.

The tools and techniques you’ll learn in our workshops are applicable to many different industries and management levels, plus you’ll have the added bonus of networking with like-minded peers in the analytic space. Once you complete a workshop, you’ll be able to easily apply the skills learned and see the benefits immediately (plus, you’ll be able to register for the next workshop in the program in order to further hone your new skillset).

Check out the course descriptions for upcoming workshops and complete the form to register.

We’re looking forward to meeting you!

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Using Data to Land Your Message

Training time: 7 hours | Prerequisite: None
All data storytellers want the same thing: to reach their audiences and make an impact. In this training module, you’ll learn the basics of creating compelling stories, getting people to listen, connecting with your audience and meeting them on their terms.

What this module covers:

Participant outcomes:

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Inspiring and Influencing Audiences

Training time: 7-8 hours | Prerequisite: Using Data to Land Your Message
If you’re at the director level and above in your career and you’ve taken the first level of Storylytics training, you won’t want to miss this opportunity to level up. This hands-on training module will provide real-world examples and opportunities to test out and hone your data storytelling skills. You’ll also learn how to sell the idea to your audience, take them on a journey through the data and get them to the predetermined destination defined by your insights.

What this module covers:

Participant outcomes: